Want to expand your intuitive abilities? Relate more to the heavenly realm.

Being too steeped in our physical domain is one of the greatest obstacles to strengthening our psychic abilities. When we’re mired in an earthly state, we erect a brick wall between ourselves and spirit messages and divine guidance. In many ways, the material realm contrasts with the ethereal one. Our current existence requires us [...]

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Is your departed loved one stuck here?

I’ve been blessed to be the manager of the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series. It gives me the ability to help others release their fears about those who’ve crossed over and about the spirit world. One concern I hear fairly often is the trepidation that since a deceased loved one has visited, it must mean [...]

Something supernatural lurking in your home? Perhaps it’s a jinn.

During the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series’ Religion and the Paranormal Discussion, the Northern Nevada Muslim Community President Sherif A. Elfas shared his belief in jinn. Jinn are not ghosts; they’re equivalent to us. Muslims believe God created three types of sentient beings: angels (created from light), humans (created from clay) and jinn (created from [...]

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