Swiss scientists: confused brains manufacture ghosts

Recently scientists proclaimed they proved ghosts didn’t exist. They said the brain creates an illusion of spirits when it receives conflicting sensory-motor signals when we are stressed, overly exerted or ill. But while this research may address one sliver of the paranormal activity pie, it’s far from relegating the Other World to the byproduct of [...]

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6 questions to answer before investigating a haunted location

As I wrote last week, historical data can deepen your investigation and help you to better relate to the spirits that may inhabit a building. So what should your team historian research? Here are my top six suggestions: Who lived, worked there? For homes: What was the owner’s income status and career? Did a family [...]

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What science says about fear

Our survival depends on fear, our ultimate warning indicator. But, when unchecked, this reaction can paralyze us from experiencing what we want in life. As my regular blog readers and those who’ve read my spirituality memoir, “A Reluctant Spirit” know, one of my personal ongoing challenges is to keep fear in balance. Biology factors can [...]

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Scientists: acknowledge your paranormal prejudices

I’ve always held science in esteem. I honor those who seek answers to the unknown. However, as someone who’s had a life-changing supernatural experience and works at a college, I’ve found many academics rigid and biased in this regard. Acknowledge your mindset The American culture promotes the stereotype that those who believe in the paranormal [...]

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