Our thoughts and actions can invite evil into our lives

At one point, I belonged to a Christian sect that taught that no matter how good we were, God allowed the devil to freely inflict evil upon us. I’ve come to realize that the Most Loving doesn’t allow Satan to use us as a plaything. Instead, we are the ones to allow harmful energies into [...]

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God doesn’t allow spiritual attacks; we do.

Like other Christians, there have been times when I felt spiritually assaulted by the dark side. And, although it’s only happened a handful of times, it usually occurs when I’m on the cusp of an enlightening breakthrough. I’ve pondered how God, who loves us unconditionally, would allow Satan and other negative energies to prey on [...]

The Bible advocates using intuitive abilities

Life is an ongoing exercise in seeking balance. Take something great and use it wrong and you'll most likely get disappointing results. The same is true of our god-given sixth sense, whether it be a psychic inkling, dream message or visit from a guardian angel. I've met  people who've been blessed with great intuitive abilities, [...]

Something supernatural lurking in your home? Perhaps it’s a jinn.

During the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series’ Religion and the Paranormal Discussion, the Northern Nevada Muslim Community President Sherif A. Elfas shared his belief in jinn. Jinn are not ghosts; they’re equivalent to us. Muslims believe God created three types of sentient beings: angels (created from light), humans (created from clay) and jinn (created from [...]

What is evil’s existence here and in the spirit world? And why does God allow it? Reader Request Part I

Thank you, Cindy, for requesting this subject. I’m pleased to have spiritually-grounded experts—an Episcopal priest, rabbi, Spiritualist reverend and metaphysical teachers—share their thoughts about evil which I cover below and in next week’s post. Does God permit evil to exist? Universally those I queried said evil is either human-caused or judged to be so through [...]

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