For many years, I feared dying. I’m not sure whether it was the trepidation that I wasn’t good enough to go to heaven or if I wanted to pack everything into life before it was extinguished.

Or both.

Now, when my time comes, I believe I’ll look boldly into my future and say, “I’m ready.”

When I’ve done what I’m supposed to do, it’ll be time to move on.

Only God knows when my time is up. I have lessons to learn and my travails offer opportunities for those around me to grow. All I can hope is that by the time I’ve left this realm, I’ve helped others live better existences.

Once, while very ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I contemplated suicide. I almost acted upon it. My life grew too difficult, too depressing and showed no signs of improvement.

I’m so glad I didn’t follow through on that impulse.  My world eventually brightened against all odds and most doctors’ prognostications.  I grew from the adversity; my being sculpted into a richness from having endured those abyss-black times.  Surviving those depths revealed to me my strength and resilience, as well as God’s design for my future. Plus, my life’s veered in wondrous directions I could’ve never foreseen and I’ve reaped amazing blessings.


Death serves as a transition, not extinction.

Our energies—souls—survive our shell’s demise. I’m confident of this. In my encounters with spirits, their personalities shine through: compassionate, joking, polite, loving and gruff. In the next world, we’ll be free of the restrictions physical bodies impose on us.

God’s all-encompassing love surpasses any human love.

I’ve been blessed to experience the awe-inspiring depths of the Lord’s divine love several times during my adult life. While receiving such powerful and magnificent attention, I would’ve done just about anything to ensure this sensation would never leave me.

These episodes make me believe heaven revolves around God’s love, so to dwell in heaven is to dwell in the arms of the Great I Am and to exist in the peace exuded there.

Let’s live each day to the fullest with no fear of our futures!