I’m tired of waiting. I want it now!

Okay, so patience is not one of my strengths. I once thought I needed patience to give God time to work within me and prepare me for the next step in my life.

This view was simplistic. Yes, we need to grow, but God’s vast plan incorporates other individuals to carry out the Great I Am’s goals as well. One reason we’re on Earth is to be God’s assistant to help answer others’ prayers. Even when we’re unaware of a greater plan, we play pivotal roles in the lives of many.

Recently, I witnessed a perfect example of how God orchestrated a strategy with three people to move them forward. (I’ve changed names to respect their privacy.)

Paula worked at a college for years, but wanted more from her career. She fought the urge to return to school for a master’s degree for years, before she finally enrolled took the steps to earn her degree.

About the same time, Rhonda quit her job to care for her frail mother. Unfortunately—with Nevada’s unemployment rate the highest in the nation—she was still unable to find work two years after her mom’s passing. Her intuition told her to train for a new career, but she was reluctant to do so, as she was in her early 60s. One day, she heeded her inner voice, visited the college and met Paula who helped her enroll in a certificate program.

While consulting with Paula, Rhonda saw Craig, an old colleague she hadn’t seen in 14 years. They spoke briefly and Rhonda mentioned how desperate she was to find employment.

Four months passed. Paula had graduated with her MBA and took a job with an international corporation.  Rhonda about finished the certificate program.

Craig recalled Rhonda needing a job and offered her a temporary job until the position could be permanently filled.

Rhonda landed the permanent job and, now gainfully employed, considered it the job of her dreams—a position that perfectly matches her life’s experience.

Rhonda needed others to have her prayers answered, and God needed Paula and Craig to be at a place where they could further Rhonda’s journey.

What if Paula or Rhonda had put off their plans to continue their education or decided against it completely?  I believe God would have had to re-orchestrate his strategy for the desired outcome. Since we all have free will, we can (and do) ignore the heavenly guidance nudging us along a certain path.

So while you may feel you’re ready to move forward, perhaps the people who will assist you aren’t at that point in their lives yet. Keep the faith. Listen to divine guidance. And yes, remain patient.