For decades, I struggled with the concept of the Christian Trinity, the three entities of the Most Divine: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit—and how they are separate yet unified. Strangely enough, it took a radio interview to clarify my belief in this mysterious triad.

While interviewing me about my memoir, “A Reluctant Spirit,” the host of the spirituality radio show asked, “Why do you need Christ as an intermediary to communicate with God?” My answer was automatic: “Christ isn’t an intermediary. Jesus is God.”


As soon as I shared my personal truth, I felt the power of finally understanding what had confounded me for so long. God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are one—manifestations of the Great I Am.

My original conundrum originally stemmed from thinking of Christ as the Son of God, a separate entity from the Father. But once I regarded Christ as the human form of the Most Divine, it began to make sense. Jesus—God in a form people could relate to—demonstrated how we should strive to live on Earth when faced with everyday (and extraordinary) obstacles.

I view the Holy Spirit as God’s divine energy, a conduit for us to commune with the Most High. The Holy Ghost imbues every living being with its essence, one that connects us to all of creation. (See my post, “The Most Heavenly’s spark of creation connects all life.”)

Here’s an analogy to illustrate the Trinity in today’s environment: Say you’re a mom, an executive and an outdoor enthusiast. At the end of the day, you are the same person, the same energy regardless of the role you may be playing. This is the way I view the trinity, as different aspects of God but one entity.

As in everything I share, these are my truths. You may disagree with this post, which I’m completely fine with. I share my thoughts not for you to adopt my views, but to add to opinions you may consider when forging your own truth.