“If you are finding closed doors, it is the universe telling you there is a better way to go. Don’t keep pushing against closed doors; look around for the open ones.” Sanaya Roman in Personal Power through Awareness

Have you ever found yourself bogged down, struggling to move forward with an idea, a life plan or just life?

This happens to me when I’m stubborn and should stop and reevaluate my path. But usually I don’t. Why? Because my ego is invested in getting its way. It directs me. It’s that controlling inner voice and critic, one that somehow elevates me above others, while at the same time telling me I’m not good enough.

During those times, it takes repeated barricades and many restarts before my ego has derailed my spiritual path. Once I see this, I turn my attention to the other trail beckoning me. When I adopt the alternative route, the Most Divine opens doors for me. It doesn’t mean that journey is easy, but I progress and move forward.

Despite loving God and believing in the existence of divine guidance, I’m not always easy ceding the driver’s wheel to the Great I Am. That’s because the Most Supreme Being frequently takes me into territories that make me squirm. Areas that force me out of my comfort zone to confront my fears, leaving me feeling vulnerable.

As I’ve written before, I know that letting go is essential to spiritual growth (see my post Letting Go Differs from Giving Up), but releasing my thought of “I know what’s best” can be difficult. It’s a matter of humbling myself, of realizing I don’t know where I’ll be in the future and the lessons I must master now to prepare for what’s ahead.

Sometimes, it’s the arduous trek—the one we tell ourselves we can’t complete—that we most need to attempt. And I’d bet that the majority of us would rather accept that challenge than keep circling back to where we were, stuck in a spiritual holding pattern.

See the conclusion of this post next week.