The hatred must stop. Now. The desecration of Jewish cemeteries and the threats against their schools are abhorrent and have no place in our society. America’s strength has always been in its citizens’ diversity of backgrounds, faiths and political ideologies. I don’t need to think the same as someone else to respect them as humans, as Americans.

I stand with Jews, Muslims, Christians, Native Peoples, Pagans, atheists and people of all beliefs. I stand with Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and non-partisans. I stand with people of all ethnicities. I will not permit others to denigrate anyone. However you choose to stand (or participate in democracy), maintain a focus of positivity and love: lift others up, don’t tear them down. Hatred is not okay, even when cloaked in righteous indignation. It’s time to stand together.

I’m not going to entertain any political bashing on either side. This is a bigger issue than politics.