As God is the pure source of love, judging is incompatible with The Most Divine’s nature and we shouldn’t engage in that activity.

God, who intimately knows our hearts and minds, understands our frustrations and limitations. The Great I am loves us a thousand times more than the best parents and seeks to help us succeed. God’s vast love for us means he won’t judge us.

As I wrote in the past post, God Gifted Us Bodies,” we are all considered worthy to dwell in the physical. We all have a purpose to being here. We are on Earth to be challenged and to experience obstacles that hone us into more expansive beings. Instead of judging, The Most Divine lifts us up when we struggle and encourages us to keep on.

God is the source of all love. And, as shown below, love and judgment are at odds with each other. With God, love always prevails.                     

  Love nurtures.                                 Judging finds fault.
  Love builds up.                                Judging breaks down.
  Love accepts where we are.            Judging scolds us for not being better.
  Love breaks down barriers.             Judging erects barriers.

If The Most Supreme Being doesn’t judge us, then we shouldn’t engage in this negative thought pattern toward our fellow man. And, that includes not judging ourselves.

Judging comes when we are insecure. We judge others to compare where they rank compared to us. We compare ourselves against others to justify our ego’s script that we are either superior or inferior to others.

God loves us all equally. There is no competition here. The source of unconditional love wants us to succeed. We are held up in divine light when we stumble; not struck by the lightning bolt of God’s dissatisfaction. We are loved even when we act in ways that shame us. God loves us even when we dislike ourselves.

Perfection is a myth driven by the ego’s need to compete
Perfection cannot be attained; it’s only a distraction and another superficial reason to put yourself down. We are shaped by every personal response, thought and action. Through all of our adventures, struggles and victories, we are to love fully. Love nature. Love others. Love our bodies. Love this physical existence and what it teaches us.

By welcoming Divine Love into our lives, we ignore the ego’s need to judge everyone. We can more easily accept our journeys and value our experiences—both positive and perceived negative ones. (But since negative experiences lead to growth and increased awareness, is there such a thing as a negative experience?)

Know that each of us is valued by God. We are an integral part of the energetic community. We belong to the whole, while maintaining our distinct characteristics and personalities. If any of us did not exist, there would be a void that nothing else could fill.

No one can take your place in the continuum. You have a purpose in the spiritual and physical realms.

The Great I Am encourages us to spend this time growing, loving, being joyful and supporting one another. Not tearing ourselves down and certainly not tearing down others. We are meant to build up people. To transcend our physical/cultural/religious differences and love all equally.

Don’t compete or judge others
Some of us may be on similar paths—but we are never on the same trail. Do not look for reasons to dislike someone. Remember why we should love everyone—and that’s because God does.

It doesn’t mean that we won’t feel stronger connections with some over others. This is normal. We don’t have to be around those that we don’t feel connected to. Just don’t judge them. Even if they treat us unkindly—do not judge them.

Everyone has different obstacles here in the physical and their reactions to those challenges differ. There are traits others have that can drive us crazy. For me, I struggle with people who lie. Would it be best that people don’t lie? Yes. But that is their journey and their lesson. We can minimize our contact with those whose behaviors are incompatible with ours. We can let them be and send them off with thoughts of God’s love.

Relax. Dwell in love. Create an awareness when love does not feel near—it’s always nearby. Call upon it. For calling upon love is calling upon God.