By living in the physical realm and growing through our limitations, we are working to fully reside in our spiritual largeness.

Imagine an existence without death. No body malfunctions. No heartache, pain or hunger. This is where we came from and where we will return once our bodies cease to function. Heaven everlasting.

So why would we seek to come to Earth and become a part of the physical, where disease, death, war, poverty and prejudice exist? Because we are driven to become more. Think of our time on Earth as part of our souls’ education. For the physical world is filled with limitations that aren’t found in the energetic realm.

We enter into this existence knowing it will not be easy. For in ease, we do not grow. But it is more than that—it is also to experience joy and to engage the senses. We can’t wait to experience the blessings of living in a physical environment: an immersion into the joys of living on Earth. Think of what a treat it is to taste your favorite food on your tongue; smell the fresh air after a cleansing rain; experience the rush of endorphins from a great belly laugh; and listen to music that brings tears to your eyes. All of these experiences offer us a valuable break from the inner work we are meant to do.

Since our time here is limited, every minute on Earth is precious. Impatience can be an indicator that down deep we know our time here is short.

Earth School makes us experts in thriving despite limitations. Through this education, we learn to love more, increase our empathy, strengthen our patience and hone our resilience.

We have always existed. After our passing, we will continue to exist.
As children of God, we have no beginning nor end. As children of God, we are loved unconditionally. Our loved ones who’ve passed away still exist and they know what we are going through. They routinely send their love and strength to bolster us on our journeys. We are never, ever alone.

One day, we will forget the intensity of trauma and pain. But we’ll be thankful for those experiences.
We are placed in circumstances that grow us. The heart-breaking tragedies we experience will no longer sadden us once we return to our energy states. Instead, we will look to those experiences fondly as times that helped us to fully become ourselves.

That’s why some keep returning to Earth. They’ve forgotten how terribly hard it is to live here. Nowhere else is loss felt as deeply than on Earth. It is this loss that spawns growth.

Babies know where they came from.
Very young children still hold on to some awareness that this body isn’t who they truly are. They are more connected to the heavens for spiritual guidance and more likely to see spirits around them. They know on some level this existence is temporary. But the longer they dwell on Earth, the more they forget they’re energetic beings.

This is by design. To be honed and shaped, we achieve more if we feel the finite nature of life.

Let’s be thankful for this sacred time.
While we’re here, let’s take time to enjoy the wonders of this world. Even during the darkest times, there are aspects to be grateful for and ways to immerse ourselves in awe. Live in the moment. Listen to birdsong or crickets on a hot summer’s night. Savor that bite (or bowl!) of creamy chocolate. Give a big bear hug and take in the reciprocal warmth of a loved one’s response. Let these moments refresh our perspectives and feed our souls.

And when we emerge from the trials to finally experience ease, let’s acknowledge the distance we’ve come on this journey and celebrate!