Don’t clear your lower emotions. Instead, learn from them to increase your vibrational energy and fine-tune your intuitive abilities.

When I consciously began my intuitive journey, a psychic friend suggested I clear all of my negative emotions on a daily basis. My goal was to vibrate higher (negative emotions bring down a person’s overall vibration) so I could attract higher energies. The belief is that as our personal vibrations increase, our intuitive abilities will grow clearer and stronger.

This had seemed like a good idea. The problem was that I couldn’t banish those so-called bad emotions—all I could do was ignore them, and that led me to fight those negative energies all the more.

All emotions have specific frequencies with the negative ones ranking near the bottom of the hertz frequency range. According to David R. Hawkins Ph.D., a researcher in consciousness studies, feelings of shame, fear and anger are measured at 20, 100 and 150 hertz. These numbers are quite low when you compare them to love, joy and peace which measured at 500, 540 and 600 hertz.

Unsure of the notion of vibrational energy? See my post on “Vibration: What it is and why it is important.”

Mental health professionals tell us it’s unhealthy to ignore or bottle up our feelings as they won’t go away until we deal with them. And by not giving them the attention they deserve, it will only strengthen them and prolong our journeys to achieving more inner peace.

Lower emotions (anger, frustration, fear, shame) have value.
They serve as red flags in our lives; indicators that we need to take action. Why are we angry, frustrated, sad or ashamed? And, what can we do to address the roots of these emotions? It’s only after we take steps to resolve why we feel the way we do, that we can spend more time living in the higher, pleasant energies.

Ultimately, that is the way to increase our personal vibrations.

Our overall goal should be to spend more time living in the higher emotions than harboring the miserable ones for long periods of time. Holding onto anger, apathy, guilt or fear creates toxicity that can lead to health issues, depression and hate.

According to Christian Mystic and Reverend Matthew Fox, it’s important how we direct those lower energies. Fox wrote, “Anger is often born of moral outrage or of grief.  In either case, if steered correctly, it can be tapped into as valuable energy. If steered incorrectly, it leads to violence and more chaos and havoc and war. This is why Thomas Aquinas can say that ‘nothing great happens without anger…anger is a fuel for taking on worthwhile tasks and persevering in them.’” Later, he extolled one of the highest emotions, “Thomas Aquinas said that ‘Joy expands the heart.’”

Like everything else in life, balance is important. We can always learn from our “darker” side so we can ascend further into the light. When a loved one crosses over, we grieve our loss (grief is considered a lower emotion vibrating at 75hz). But we wouldn’t grieve unless we had loved deeply. To process our profound losses, we must sit with those losses to honor what we had. By doing so eventually we’ll be able to focus on the joy and feel the love from that relationship.

Go ahead and clear energies—just don’t banish all of the lower ones.
It’s still good for us to engage in energy cleansings as we don’t want to carry what doesn’t serve our growth. But now, I clear my space differently. Instead of asking The Great I Am to remove all negative emotions, I request to have energies that don’t serve my highest good to be cleared from my body and space. I also pray for divine guidance to be shown what I need to do to lessen the amount of time I spend in the negative.

The same advice applies to energy cords.
I ask for divine intervention to remove unnecessary energetic cords attached to me by relationships and acquaintances, events, past mistakes and such. Most of us carry too many energy attachments and that can make it harder for us to thrive. Some cords cause us emotional pain—for example, you may berate yourself over an action you did twenty years ago. God has forgiven you, but you can’t forgive yourself because you allow that cord to keep feeding your inadequacies. If you learned from that action and repented, let it go. Rest assured that God already has.

When clearing cords that are attached to me by a person, I ask the Universal Power to send that person love and divine guidance on how to use their own energy for growth (for more details, read my post on Energy Vampires).

When ghost investigating, I temporarily clear all lower emotions.
If you investigate the paranormal, I suggest that you temporarily clear all of your lower energies right before you embark on this activity. While I protect myself with the Lord’s white light, I also ask that every cell in my body be saturated with divine love. Then I ask that the love shines from me to help me interact with only positive spirits. I find I have more productive ghost hunts when I allow love to attract spirits and temporarily remove the lower emotions.

May we live in the light as often as possible, but recognize our struggles and show ourselves grace.