Working on our spirituality feels like a singular path, a private journey to increase our contentment while better sensing the Supreme Being. What most of us don’t realize is that as we lift ourselves up, we also raise those around us. And, when enough of us seek the Most Divine, we contribute to the betterment of all creation.

Don’t get sucked into the world’s negative dialogue.
It’s amazingly easy to find ourselves immersed in the world’s tragic events. The news media uses fear to keep us on their feeds or watching their broadcasts. Don’t bite. Instead, rise above it. Take in enough information to know what’s going on, but don’t obsess. Obsessing only adds to the chaotic atmosphere and it doesn’t resolve anything.

So, what can you do on a personal level?

  • Take positive action, if you can, to help ease the situation (vote, donate to causes, volunteer).
  • Live responsibly and be accountable for your actions.
  • Love everyone.

What we do to one, we do to ourselves.
Acting in one’s self interest without caring how it impacts others has become the norm in our society. Individual entitlement is contributing to the breakdown of civility. Afterall, why be considerate when no one is considerate of you?

It’s time to bring back The Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you. How does your behavior impact those around you? Are you generating noise that disturbs others? Do you converse on your phone and talk to a cashier at the same time, resulting in a longer wait for those behind you? Do you take out your frustration on strangers? Consider putting yourself in others’ shoes, and even if they are inconsiderate, don’t retaliate. Stop the cycle.

The way we treat others comes back to us. Love someone and more adoration will come to you. Yell at someone and receive someone’s anger. Show respect, kindness and don’t judge others. Isn’t that how we want to be treated?

Elevate others and raise your vibration.
We are individuals, yet we’re part of all creation. Everything we think, say or do impacts those around us. Every soul in this realm has a purpose—not only for ourselves, but for the edification of others. When we grow, love or reach out, we not only help ourselves, but, more importantly, we start to heal society.

Be the light for someone who is mired in everlasting night. Don’t add to someone’s darkness. Make them feel heard. Make them feel worthy. Recognize their importance. Make someone smile. God’s favorite sound is laughter.

Our spiritual growth comes through experiences that limit us as well as those that uplift us.  No good deed is ever wasted. Every time you give of yourself or pray for others, you are elevating yourself as much as you are them.

Allow people their opinions and beliefs, and don’t degrade them for thinking differently than you. Each of us believes according to our experiences, lifestyles, where we live and the stresses of our lives. In most cases, there are no black and white answers: instead, it’s varying shades of gray. Avoid questioning someone’s humanity when they take an opposing view to yours. Remember they are truly trying to live their best lives.

We are an integral part of all creation.
We were never meant to be identical to others. Each of us has a different piece to play in the large tapestry of life. Think of yourself as a stitch in that wonderful artwork. You bring in color and texture to complete the whole.

You are needed to make this tapestry complete and vibrant, as is everyone else. Make room for growth. Accept where you are and know that you are where you are supposed to be. Encourage those around you. Be present. Avoid absorbing someone’s hatred and anger for it is rooted in their frustrations, not you. Recognize that we all struggle.

If someone doesn’t react well to your kindness, it doesn’t mean it won’t impact them. You have planted a seed of love within them and it may take time to grow.

Let’s make a commitment to move beyond our daily struggles, competitions and greed to lift each other up. To pursue our spiritual growth and recognize our contribution to the whole. To pray for others and our world. Prayer is an act of love. It’s giving your time and empathy to send healing wishes.