Living in a physical realm, we believe all we see and feel. It’s easy to think this is all there is because we’ve forgotten what we are: souls, eternal spirits that choose to come to Earth.

In this grand experiment of living in bodies, we experience monumental blessings. Our senses awaken to the joys of scent, touch, movement and taste. We walk among God’s divine intricate creation where life is always interesting, if not challenging.

We are never broken.
This material world can lead us to buy into the illusion that we’re finite and fragile. No matter what we endure in our lives, though, we’re never broken. Once our time on this planet is over, we return to an energy state enhanced by the wisdom and insights we gained on Earth.

When our bodies malfunction, our finances are tight or relationships crumble, our mindsets tend to get in the way. But, if we thoroughly understood the temporary nature of this existence, we’d see purpose in all we experience, whether its delightful or challenging.

I believe we are directed by the Holy Spirit. If we listen for the Divine in earnest, then we will receive guidance. God is always present, even when we don’t feel it. Let’s trust this and know that everything is taken care of.

Sometimes, we endure hardships to be an example to others. Our steadfastness through life’s troubles inspires others to endure as well.

It’s never too late.
When we are so steeped in misery that we feel we can’t endure one more moment, we must recognize this point and sit with that desperation. For out of desperation rises a determination to overcome. It’s beneficial for us to remember what it’s like to feel we’re on the brink of losing everything meaningful to us. Understanding what really matters to us helps us to better prioritize our life once we get it back in order.

As we move beyond the fear of losing it all, then we can accept our journey and recognize our eternal status. Then, we will rise once more.

But don’t expect our journeys to run a straight trajectory. There are always virtual valleys to cross, rivers to ford and mountains to summit. We never know what is around the corner, but if we have faith and realize we are eternal, we will endure.

We have divine help.
Only recently, I’ve come to realize that asking for divine intervention isn’t an admission of weakness or lack of faith. I now know that we aren’t meant to tackle our challenges alone. We can pray to the Great I Am for assistance and we can also ask God’s legions of angels for help.

Anyone can call upon the angels. By allowing them to assist you, you are helping them fulfill their commitment to The Most Almighty.

But to receive help, we must ask for it. However, it’s not a good idea to ask for a specific outcome as only God knows what we need to get out of these specific situations. We can make a heavenly request to get what we need from our current struggles to benefit our highest good. Let’s be open to what we will learn from this experience and trust that our situations are being handled as they need to be.

We can also call upon angels to help others. You can ask them to work directly with your friend, family member or coworker to help them move forward in a way that serves their highest needs. Or, you can offer to be a conduit for the Divine, like sending light and love to others, so you can play a more active role in their wellbeing.

Of course, The Great I Am is always present, sending love and holding up all who struggle. Divine love holds a power unlike anything else.

We will rise above our challenges.
We are spirit and once we grasp this concept, we won’t let the worries of the world tether us to the ground. We’re meant to soar. To love. To help others. Truly, we are limitless. When we grasp this and let it sink into our being, we will better handle all that comes our way.