We are different today than we were the morning before. Each day, our experiences sculpt us: a small, daily evolution getting us closer to who we are meant to be.

To have room for rebirth, though, we must experience small deaths: releases of the old that no longer serve us. This can happen when we stop associating with a toxic person, leave a job, refocus on our health or make other important decisions. By letting go and letting God, we invite blessings and lessons into our lives.

Don’t resist change.
Change can be unsettling. Our first impulse may be to keep things the way they are, because we believe our new circumstances aren’t what we need or want. However, the Universe knows when we’ve gotten all that we can out of a situation. It’s time for us to bear new fruit, to allow ourselves to be divinely guided in new directions. We can get more out of life when we drop our expectations, as well, and live in faith.

Find comfort in this: Everything new is ripe with potential.

Release everything.
Our life’s journey is guided by The Most Divine. So don’t fear releasing everything in your life and welcoming back all that serves your highest good. What does not help you, will not come back. But what is meant to be—what fills your heart—will remain. Leave no room for worry, doubt or fear, as these emotions hold you back from your potential.

Without realizing it, we may white-knuckle grip onto something: suffocating and rendering it ineffective. Don’t be scared of losing anything that’s important to you. Instead, love and nurture it.

When you are fearful, you’re not looking for opportunity. Ask yourself: What are you clinging to? An unhealthy lifestyle? A habit that doesn’t further your well-being? A person? Your job?

We don’t know what our future holds, so it can be helpful to look at life as an adventure. Be responsible for your actions (but don’t obsess) and expect opportunities to arise. Get out of your own way and let The Great I Am take the wheel.

Having trouble letting go? Here’s an exercise to help.

  • Visualize bits of brightly colored paper that has piled up on your shoulders and all around you. Each piece of paper represents a relationship, habit, thought pattern or routine task.
  • Feel a warm, gentle breeze caress your face. Free all your worries and let the colored paper take flight, swirling in brightness around you.
  • Ask The Most Divine to remove all those bits that weigh you down or that have already served their purpose. Watch those papers fly off to the heavens.
  • Experience a lightness, a freedom that comes when you’ve cleared the space around you.
  • Now, welcome back only those papers that will feed your satisfaction, growth and love. Don’t attach stipulations to what comes back.  Accept it as it is and know it’s there for your best good.

Now that there’s room, let’s welcome our rebirth

When our circumstances radically change, think of it as God is housecleaning. The Great I Am wants you to have more—more love, more fun, more knowledge, more comfort.