Handling the energies of people around you, part I

A few weeks ago, I wrote about protection from unseen entities, especially when investigating the paranormal. What I need more help with, though, is preserving my own energy from the people—both those I know and strangers—whom I encounter in my daily life. If you are sensitive, chances are that you don’t like large groups. The [...]

Our departed loved ones reach out to us: readers’ stories

Thank you to Colleen, Darla, Becky, Karen and Marlene for sharing their experiences. I’ve edited for clarity only. Manipulating the physical  Colleen and the musical snow globe My grandmother died in November, 2007. A couple of weeks before Christmas, one of our musical snow globes started playing at 2 a.m. full blast. It played, "We [...]

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Would love to hear your stories of a crossed over loved one visiting

Following this week's post, I've heard stories about the ingenious ways our departed loved ones (family, friends, pets) have contacted us. Whether it's leaving objects lying around in strange places, dreams or actual spirit contact, I'd love to hear your stories for an upcoming post. I believe that by sharing our stories, we can help others [...]

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