Thank you to Colleen, Darla, Becky, Karen and Marlene for sharing their experiences. I’ve edited for clarity only.

Manipulating the physical

 Colleen and the musical snow globe

My grandmother died in November, 2007. A couple of weeks before Christmas, one of our musical snow globes started playing at 2 a.m. full blast. It played, “We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year,” then abruptly stopped. This musical box was a wind up. Had the box just decided to play, it would have been the slow play, but that night it was the full tone and loud.

My husband said, “I think your grandma was just here.” I believe she was.

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Darla and her mother’s sense of humor

My mother passed away months ago and she had a great sense of humor. During her funeral, she attacked the pastor with the balloons, wrapping them around him as he flailed around in his chair. Then, she changed the direction of the breeze, so that when the balloons were released, they flew towards the casino she used to go to. As the pastor announced the service was over and it was time to enjoy a meal at my mom’s favorite restaurant, she knocked the flowers to the ground as if to say, “The service is over. Let’s go eat….I’m hungry!!!”

Becky and the wind chime

A few weeks after my mom passed away in 2006, the dolphin wind chimes in my bathroom started chiming. There was no wind to move them. I believe my mom was letting me know she was there.

Nature as a conduit

Marlene and the dragonfly

My niece loved dragonflies. Two days after she passed, a blue one landed on my leg and stayed there for about a minute. I knew right away it was from my niece as blue dragonflies were her favorite.
Karen and the stag

The night my dad died, my daughter and I headed “over the hill” to be with my mom. It was probably about 3 a.m. when I was driving around a corner and saw a huge buck standing in the road in front my truck. I stopped. The deer made eye contact with me and just stood there. I realized then that my dad was letting me know he was finally at peace and all was okay.

Visual signs

Becky, her family and her mom

My mom passed in Sept 2006. I’d taken care of her. On her last breath, I held her hand. I swear I saw her spirit leave her body.

Mom and I had always said we would make a sign to the other once we crossed over.

The first time it happened, I was walking with my dad. All of a sudden he said, “Margaret?”  He swore when he looked at me he saw mom.

About a week later as I was getting my makeup on, I looked in the mirror and saw mom looking back at me. She smiled.

My son saw her as a little girl. He told me there was a little girl in the backyard. He said that when I went back to look, she started reaching for me, but I turned to walk back. He said she disappeared after that, but he was sure it was mom as a little girl.