Be selective about séances

I’m not a big fan of séances. I’m sure a lot of it comes from my Christian upbringing, but it’s also because I know some circles are led by inexperienced people. A séance leader needs to be able to control the environment and ensure the safety of its participants. It’s not that I’ve had any [...]

A glossary of paranormal terms

Here’s a comprehensive list of terms used to describe psychic skills, ghost hunting activity and general parapsychology and their definitions. Parapsychology is the study of phenomena that cannot be explained through the scientific understanding of the world, i.e. ghosts, psychic abilities, near death experiences, past lives, telepathy and more. Consciousness survival is the belief that [...]

ESP misconceptions, part 2: ESP is a perfect, consistent sense

See my previous post: ESP misconceptions, part 1 Out of our innate abilities—sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and ESP—psychic sensitivity is the most subjective, and at least for me, inconsistent sense. This means when we receive messages—many that burst forth and last only a millisecond—we can easily misconstrue or discount them. Interpreting a message correctly [...]

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Seven ways to encounter positive paranormal activity

What we don’t understand, we’re most likely to fear. Our prejudices against the Other World—whether spurred on by Hollywood horror movies or warnings from the pulpit—prevent us from experiencing productive, positive spirit encounters. Over the eight years that I’ve been involved in coordinating the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, I’ve been fortunate to work with [...]

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