We can’t force our spiritual journeys

//We can’t force our spiritual journeys

We can’t force our spiritual journeys

When I want something, I take steps to achieve it.

But in my quest to get closer to spiritual enlightenment, I’ve found the harder I push toward that goal, the further back I slide. That’s because God decides where I’m to be and that’s all that matters.

There’s a reason I’m where I am.

I’m not omniscient. And, I’m certainly not the Universal Power. I don’t know what experiences I need to have to prepare me for the future. I may think I’m ready for advancement, but perhaps I haven’t learned what I must master, met the people I need to assist me or had the life circumstances necessary to nurture my new growth.

Instead of pushing ahead, I need to appreciate myself as I am at this point of my evolution.

Trying to force my spiritual growth bypasses my faith.

By believing I could act in a way to accelerate my journey, I focused on myself, instead of waiting on the Great I Am.

My misperception fostered the idea that if I strove for perfection, I’d be rewarded with more transformative experiences. If I were “only better,” I’d receive more divine attention. Yet I created a situation where I could never feel like I was doing enough.

“Doing” was not what I should’ve concerned myself with. Instead, I needed to just “be.”

  • Be content with myself.
  • Be authentic with myself.
  • Be assured that where I need to go, I’ll get there eventually.

We cannot fail spiritually as long as we are open to divine guidance.

Goals and action plans won’t bring us closer to God. That’s because strategy is a product of our minds, not our hearts. And it’s in our hearts where our relationship with the Great I Am resides. Overthinking gets us out of our intuitive center—that area which connects us with sacred energy (such as the Holy Spirit)—and slows our progress.

We may think we’re to be further down that road than we are, but let’s have faith that God knows what’s coming around the bend and we’ll be ready for it. It’s about allowing the journey to unfold, not rushing to a destination.

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