God’s divine love manifests itself in many ways. As a child, I’d experienced episodes of feeling drenched with the purest love imaginable and I’d know for a certainty that the Great I Am was present. Other times, I’d felt pleasant tingling sensations starting at the crown of my head and moving throughout my body—similar in scope to my God encounters, but with a smaller degree of love—when someone would assist me.

Giving Generates Long-Lasting Positive Energy

Fast forward to the 2000s and my awakening to the Great I Am’s expansiveness. I’ve embraced my empathic abilities and am more aware of the energies around me. My friend, Beth, a retired rabbi, once told me that every one of our actions creates an energy that lasts long past our time on earth. Everything we do—whether with joy or anger—creates a corresponding positive or negative energy.

Recently while scanning Facebook, I read a friend’s post in which she shared a memory. The intuitive voice in my mind urged me to, “Tell her to write and preserve this history for her children.” Okay, that’s easy enough, I thought, so I commented. She responded saying she didn’t know how to start. My inner voice further urged me to offer to help her get started. She and I continued communicating through Messenger. She told me her crossed-over father would have loved for her to write. Aha. That old familiar tingling appeared, filling me with joy.

In that moment, I recognized that old familiar feeling of divine energy—the closeness and jubilation of someone helping me—but this was different in that I wasn’t receiving, but giving.

Indulge Your Giving Inclinations

The glorious activity of helping others is needed now more than ever. COVID-19 has relegated us to isolated islands. There’s never been a time when I’ve witnessed so much agony, financial insecurity, loneliness and depression.

Gifting time, expertise and/or compassion is vital to our wellbeing. In a 2016 study reported by “Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Behavioral Medicine,“ researchers discovered that participants who gave to others found it reduced their stress and increased their feelings of reward.

By lending a hand, even if it’s just listening:

  • You reinforce your connection to others;
  • You benefit from the positive energy you are generating; and
  • You change your outlook for the better.

When we listen to that inner voice and happily act to assist someone, we access divine love that magnifies the good and the kind, while helping shift our environment to a more positive one.

Conversely, Allow Others to Assist You

God uses all of us to serve as earthly angels: we’re tools to help fulfill others’ prayers or to further their spiritual journeys. This means that every one of us should be open to those who offer to contribute to our lives. By accepting help:

  • You allow this new energy to blossom and exist forever;
  • You recognize you’re worthy of receiving assistance; and
  • You enable someone else’s healing by allowing them to experience the joy of giving and, by doing so, you affirm their value to you.

May the joy and peace of this season carry you throughout the new year.