Cal Neva Resort

When ghosts drain energy from your electronics, pay attention

Spirits can manipulate our electronics to communicate their desires and opinions. I’ve had multiple unexpected episodes that usually present themselves as an instantaneous loss of battery charge. Of course, we must consider why a battery would die (other than from paranormal activity) such as from extreme cold, it’s old or expired, or it’s been drained [...]

The 5 best accessible haunted buildings near Reno, Part I

A great number of haunted sites litter the greater Reno area. Some attribute the wealth of supernatural activity here to the region’s rich mining and Wild West heritage. The problem is few of these places are open to the public. Here are five paranormally active sites—where I’ve encountered ghosts—that you can easily visit. Cal Neva [...]

The ways spirits engage us, part II

See last week’s post for more information on this subject. Fresh, yet dead, batteries Frequently when fresh batteries die, it’s an indication of a spirit’s presence. Every time Mark Constantino took his video camera into Elizabeth’s room at the Goldfield Hotel (GFH) during the KTVN investigation, it would stop working even though the fully-charged batteries [...]

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