The ghosts of the Goldfield Hotel: the KTVN videos

It was an amazing and eerie 12 hours. We experienced different spirits in various ways, took compelling video and captured haunting EVP. And I hadn’t even wanted to go. When news anchor Bill Brown asked me to serve as the impartial observer during a paranormal investigation of central Nevada’s long-vacant Goldfield Hotel, I inwardly [...]

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History matters when investigating the paranormal

For me, the ideal ghost hunting team is comprised of at least three specialists: a technological expert adept at using investigative equipment and knowledgeable enough to detect false positives; an intuitive/psychic/sensitive who can detect energies and pick up spirit communication; and a historian, one who’s researched the site and can guide an investigation. Reasons historians [...]

A glossary of paranormal terms

Here’s a comprehensive list of terms used to describe psychic skills, ghost hunting activity and general parapsychology and their definitions. Parapsychology is the study of phenomena that cannot be explained through the scientific understanding of the world, i.e. ghosts, psychic abilities, near death experiences, past lives, telepathy and more. Consciousness survival is the belief that [...]

For rent: one upstairs office with three lively spirits

My friend, uncomfortable with his new business space, wanted to know if I could come by. He explained that he and his business partner opened a music/video recording studio in an old renovated house just west of downtown Reno. Soon after settling in, weird noises (laughter, talking and stomping up the stairs) had begun. The [...]

The ways spirits engage us, part II

See last week’s post for more information on this subject. Fresh, yet dead, batteries Frequently when fresh batteries die, it’s an indication of a spirit’s presence. Every time Mark Constantino took his video camera into Elizabeth’s room at the Goldfield Hotel (GFH) during the KTVN investigation, it would stop working even though the fully-charged batteries [...]

Five of my top ten tips for ghost hunting success

I’ve taken part in a variety of ghost investigations. Through managing the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, my participation in early KTVN ghost hunt news segments (as documented in my memoir, A Reluctant Spirit) and conducting independent paranormal quests, I’ve experienced a wide range of investigation styles. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some [...]

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Seven ways to encounter positive paranormal activity

What we don’t understand, we’re most likely to fear. Our prejudices against the Other World—whether spurred on by Hollywood horror movies or warnings from the pulpit—prevent us from experiencing productive, positive spirit encounters. Over the eight years that I’ve been involved in coordinating the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, I’ve been fortunate to work with [...]

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