My faith is inseparable from the paranormal

As a Christian who celebrates the mystery of the Great I Am, I know the paranormal will always remain intertwined with my spiritual beliefs because ghosts were a catalyst in my growth, helping me discard limiting ideas and revealing the vastness of the sacred. Paranormal investigations opened my mind to the larger reality of [...]

The unintended “side effect” of ghost hunting: connecting with your departed loved ones

Imagine this. During a paranormal investigation, you’re hoping to make contact with history—the spirits connected to a location, land or item. Instead you find yourself facing a crossed over loved one. Why would that happen? The spirit sees: You’re open to the idea of an encounter You’re concentrating on the present moment You’ve quieted [...]

History matters when investigating the paranormal

For me, the ideal ghost hunting team is comprised of at least three specialists: a technological expert adept at using investigative equipment and knowledgeable enough to detect false positives; an intuitive/psychic/sensitive who can detect energies and pick up spirit communication; and a historian, one who’s researched the site and can guide an investigation. Reasons historians [...]

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