God created a heavenly team to help you on Earth

Recently, I underwent QHHT—a hypnotherapy that allows a counselor to speak with our subconscious to help us understand our struggles and chart paths for us to heal. It was a fascinating, emotional experience and I’m already seeing remarkable improvements in my health. One aspect of this treatment, however, unsettled me: while I was under, my [...]

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We are resilient. We are spirit.

Living in a physical realm, we believe all we see and feel. It’s easy to think this is all there is because we’ve forgotten what we are: souls, eternal spirits that choose to come to Earth. In this grand experiment of living in bodies, we experience monumental blessings. Our senses awaken to the joys [...]

Intuitive abilities aren’t evil

My transcendent night with the spirits in the Goldfield Hotel opened my third eye. Suddenly, I found myself receiving divine messages, and started seeing and hearing energies. I thought I’d lost my mind. But even worse, I’d believed I was destined for hell. Why? Because a church I’d once belonged to preached the evils [...]

Want to expand your intuitive abilities? Relate more to the heavenly realm.

Being too steeped in our physical domain is one of the greatest obstacles to strengthening our psychic abilities. When we’re mired in an earthly state, we erect a brick wall between ourselves and spirit messages and divine guidance. In many ways, the material realm contrasts with the ethereal one. Our current existence requires us [...]

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The most precious gift

My footfalls on the drab linoleum echo against the institutional, cream-colored walls. Don’t let me be too late. I pause outside the darkened room to compose myself. Family sit in chairs huddled around the hospital bed. My eyes haven’t adjusted so I can’t see her, but I hear labored breathing. Ruby’s still alive. I’ve never [...]

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What is evil’s existence here and in the spirit world? And why does God allow it? Reader Request Part I

Thank you, Cindy, for requesting this subject. I’m pleased to have spiritually-grounded experts—an Episcopal priest, rabbi, Spiritualist reverend and metaphysical teachers—share their thoughts about evil which I cover below and in next week’s post. Does God permit evil to exist? Universally those I queried said evil is either human-caused or judged to be so through [...]

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