Our thoughts and actions can invite evil into our lives

At one point, I belonged to a Christian sect that taught that no matter how good we were, God allowed the devil to freely inflict evil upon us. I’ve come to realize that the Most Loving doesn’t allow Satan to use us as a plaything. Instead, we are the ones to allow harmful energies into [...]

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Divine protection is the safety belt for your spiritual well-being

Most wouldn’t consider it wise to walk alone down an alley at 1 a.m. and invite some scary fellow over to have a chat. So why do some ghost hunters engage in similarly risky behavior when they disregard the importance of protection and clearing? Over the years, I’ve seen it repeatedly: psychics and paranormal investigators [...]

God doesn’t allow spiritual attacks; we do.

Like other Christians, there have been times when I felt spiritually assaulted by the dark side. And, although it’s only happened a handful of times, it usually occurs when I’m on the cusp of an enlightening breakthrough. I’ve pondered how God, who loves us unconditionally, would allow Satan and other negative energies to prey on [...]

Is my house or workplace haunted?

Determining why a spirit is visiting and whether you want it around. Most of us are so busy we don’t realize we are surrounded by energies encouraging us to grow and succeed. I know my crossed-over loved ones, guardian angels (or spirit guides) and other divine emissaries cross my path every day. And that comforts [...]

If a spirit contacts you, is it safe to interact with it?

See my previous week’s post on “The Bible advocates using intuition.” Just like people, not all spirits come from an affirming place. Some may try to veer you off your spiritual path while others will help you forge a deeper relationship with the Great I Am. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself [...]

You’ve considered the spirit’s presence in your home: now what?

See my previous post, “Before you cast out that spirit, ask yourself a few questions.” After ruminating on the questions I posed last week, you should now have a better idea of what kind of action you want to take in regard to the haunting of your house. You have control over the entity. This [...]

I refute the evangelical stance of “all paranormal is evil”

This is the second of two posts on my response to the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series’ “Religion and the Paranormal: A Panel Discussion,” which featured an evangelical pastor. See My Rebuttal to the Evangelical Stance on After Death Communications. As I noted two blogs ago, I respect this pastor’s beliefs. Yet, from my own [...]

Post updates and opportunities to interact with Kathleen

I just thought I'd update all of you on a couple of articles I recently read, as well as events that you may be interested in attending. A follow up to the two posts on evil In July, I asked people with various religious beliefs how they view evil. This weekend the Reno Gazette-Journal's Faith [...]

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