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A playful haunting at California’s Eureka Inn

As an atmospheric river dumped snow in the Sierra making a trip over Donner Summit sketchy, we extended our trip on the California coast by one more day and headed north. We were to stay in Eureka, California at the Eureka Inn, a 100-year-old hotel on the National Register of Historic Places. As we neared [...]

Addressing some Christians’ concerns about the paranormal

If you’ve had a loved one worried about your spiritual salvation because you’re a paranormal investigator, take heart: they love you. And love is never bad. But how do you address their concerns (if you choose to)? Here’s what I’ve learned over the years from studying the Bible and my experiences with ghosts. The New [...]

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Frontier outpost Buckland Station stirs with spirits

In 1870 Samuel Buckland dismantled some Fort Churchill buildings he purchased from the government  to build his house a half-mile south along a cottonwood tree-lined stretch of the Carson River in northwestern Nevada. His home, an oasis in the Great Basin Desert next to the Overland Route, offered the amenities of a stagecoach station, supply [...]

Waiting for the Lady in Red

1920s Tonopah. Well past its mining heyday, but still a busy rural Nevada community. Located midway between Reno and Las Vegas on Nevada State Highway 95, this town offered a welcome respite for travelers seeking a break from the desert heat and dust. Its buildings—both elegant Victorians and hastily constructed shacks—appear cradled up in the [...]

Dancing with the ghosts

Recently, I participated in my second investigation of the Old Washoe Club/Millionaire’s Club in Virginia City, Nevada. Read my post “Inside Moon” about my 2008 visit there. In the late 1800’s, the upper stories of the Washoe housed the exclusive Millionaire’s Club—a bastion of the Comstock Lode’s rich and influential—where power deals had been forged [...]

Develop your spirit radar: Is that energy good or evil?

Part One: Your attitude While I’ve been blessed from some encounters with spirits, I realize the dangers of courting the paranormal. As a Christian, I believe in the existence of evil in the afterlife. Since wickedness resides in our realm (look at the latest blood-thirsty dictator), it’s logical that negative energies dwell in the Other [...]

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The most valuable tool in a successful ghost hunt—skepticism

When I first met pioneer paranormal investigator Janice Oberding, her professional attire and it’s-not-my-concern-if-you-don’t-believe-in-ghosts demeanor surprised me. But what dumbfounded me was Janice’s skepticism toward paranormal evidence. She questions everything. Gullibility is not an asset. Janice dispelled my belief that ghost hunters are easily swayed by nonsense. She educates herself on the ways ghostly experiences [...]

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Five of my top ten tips for ghost hunting success

I’ve taken part in a variety of ghost investigations. Through managing the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, my participation in early KTVN ghost hunt news segments (as documented in my memoir, A Reluctant Spirit) and conducting independent paranormal quests, I’ve experienced a wide range of investigation styles. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some [...]

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