God communicates with us

When you love someone, you enjoy communicating with them. So it makes sense that the Supreme Being reaches out to us as well, even if we don’t recognize it when it happens. Through increasing our awareness and learning how to listen, all of us can regularly receive divine guidance. Practice thankful prayer and meditation For [...]

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Empower what’s good in your life

Lately, I’ve found myself in a rut: I ruminate on what I lack in life. I see others on social media being active outdoors, going to concerts and plays, and spending time with friends and family. I’m sorry to admit that I envy them. I don't believe I'm alone feeling this way. No one’s life [...]

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God gifted you a body

“Not all who want to come to Earth and take a body are allowed this opportunity.” I stared at this passage that I’d free written in January. I had no idea what it meant. I prayed for divine guidance to better understand what I was being shown. After a few weeks, I received the [...]

Changing focus infuses more joy into our lives

Our days can be filled with more “must-do” than “want-to-do” tasks. After all, someone has to grocery shop, pay bills and earn a living. And while we might choose different activities if we could, appreciating even the most menial chores can lighten our mood and that of those around us. Recently, I realized I’d [...]

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Thank you

You may not realize the contributions you make to my life, but you’ve touched me. I appreciate you for one or more of the reasons listed below: Thank you for Civilly disagreeing with me as you help me to better understand your perspective Sharing your diverse beliefs—spiritual and cultural—that allow me to see the humanity [...]

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Every day brings a gift; let’s be grateful for it

When I’m at peace, I find each day brings me a small present, one that further boosts my gratitude and infuses additional joy into my routine. It could take the form of someone appreciating my work, or me witnessing a dazzling sunrise, encountering wildlife or laughing heartily with loved ones. Unfortunately, I’m not at peace [...]

I’m grateful to you

My book has been out for more than a year now, and it’s been a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows for me. The one constant that has made my journey rewarding is you. When I sought an agent, I was told repeatedly there were “too few people interested in both the paranormal and [...]

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I’m grateful for you

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you—my blog readers. Your time is precious and I so appreciate you spending some of that time with my blog. Honestly, this has been a fall that I’ve just wanted to speed through. Working to get the book out and publicize it during my [...]

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We are all connected, so share the positivity

This blog was written by my friend, Nichole Relaford. We were discussing this over tea a few weeks back, and I loved her thoughts regarding intention and gratitude. I’ve always heard we’re connected and, over time, this idea’s grown stronger within me. The water molecule experiment. Dr. Masaru Emoto (link) studied the molecular structure of [...]

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