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Death transitions us to our purest self

Death is not a cessation, but a return to the state we were in before we had a body. The textures of our existence change without the fetters of a physical shell, but we survive that transition. Don’t fear death American culture has made death scary, an abrupt end to existence. My experience with [...]

Our departed loved ones reach out to us: readers’ stories

Thank you to Colleen, Darla, Becky, Karen and Marlene for sharing their experiences. I’ve edited for clarity only. Manipulating the physical  Colleen and the musical snow globe My grandmother died in November, 2007. A couple of weeks before Christmas, one of our musical snow globes started playing at 2 a.m. full blast. It played, "We [...]

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Crossed over loved ones can visit us at any time

Just because we’ve never sensed the presence of a loved one who passed away years ago doesn’t mean they haven’t visited us in the past or won’t in the future. Some readers have told me they desperately want to encounter a family member or friend’s spirit, and they’re upset because it hasn’t happened. I believe [...]

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Even if you don’t realize it, your departed loved ones visit you

When grief grips us, we can be desperate to receive a signal from our loved ones who’ve crossed over. We may think that if we don’t sense anything, they are nowhere around us. But this isn’t necessarily so. A main reason we may be unaware of our dear ones is that they know their presence [...]

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