A playful haunting at California’s Eureka Inn

As an atmospheric river dumped snow in the Sierra making a trip over Donner Summit sketchy, we extended our trip on the California coast by one more day and headed north. We were to stay in Eureka, California at the Eureka Inn, a 100-year-old hotel on the National Register of Historic Places. As we neared [...]

Is it True Spirits Can Possess People?

Watching scary movies like “The Amityville Horror” and “Annabelle” get our hearts racing in a fun way. But for Chris McKinnell, helping others rid themselves of negative supernatural energies is his daily reality. Chris, who began working with his grandparents Ed and Lorraine Warren as a teen, continues their work as the director of [...]

The ghosts of the Goldfield Hotel: the KTVN videos

It was an amazing and eerie 12 hours. We experienced different spirits in various ways, took compelling video and captured haunting EVP. And I hadn’t even wanted to go. When news anchor Bill Brown asked me to serve as the impartial observer during a paranormal investigation of central Nevada’s long-vacant Goldfield Hotel, I inwardly [...]

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Why do ghosts appear in bathrooms?

Thank you to regular reader, D.B., for requesting this post. In the time I’ve been involved with paranormal education, I’ve heard remarkable stories about people encountering the supernatural in their bathrooms. Here are the most recent ones I’ve heard, directly from the eyewitnesses themselves. (Names have been changed to respect their privacy.) Mirror apparitions Upstairs [...]

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Assisting spirits in need

Thanks to regular reader ElizaBeth for suggesting this topic. When it comes to hauntings, I usually think of souls who haven’t crossed over to the light. While many energies travel easily between realms, there are some who I believe are confused or afraid to move on. You may not think that you need to consider [...]

Is my house or workplace haunted?

Determining why a spirit is visiting and whether you want it around. Most of us are so busy we don’t realize we are surrounded by energies encouraging us to grow and succeed. I know my crossed-over loved ones, guardian angels (or spirit guides) and other divine emissaries cross my path every day. And that comforts [...]

For rent: one upstairs office with three lively spirits

My friend, uncomfortable with his new business space, wanted to know if I could come by. He explained that he and his business partner opened a music/video recording studio in an old renovated house just west of downtown Reno. Soon after settling in, weird noises (laughter, talking and stomping up the stairs) had begun. The [...]

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