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Earthly, spiritual and divine realms exist in one space

Some religions believe that our earthly plane is removed from the heavenly and spiritual realms. That our end goal is to ascend to a different location, wholly separate from our physical existence. Imagine my surprise, when meditating, that I learned all realms exist in the same cosmic container, intersecting and residing in the same [...]

We can learn from our negative emotions

Don’t clear your lower emotions. Instead, learn from them to increase your vibrational energy and fine-tune your intuitive abilities. When I consciously began my intuitive journey, a psychic friend suggested I clear all of my negative emotions on a daily basis. My goal was to vibrate higher (negative emotions bring down a person’s overall [...]

9 ways to banish energy vampires

While working with a healer, I was told I had a strong, one-way attachment to an acquaintance who was siphoning my energy. While the practitioner did some work to lessen the cord’s connection, she said it was something I needed to work on. My energy level was low, leaving me weak, and this was [...]

Facing the ghosts of fear: Acceptance leads to empowerment

It’s an October evening in Southwest Harbor, Maine, and it’s surprisingly warm. We’re staying in a cottage on the grounds of the historic Claremont Hotel that closed for the season three days earlier. Only seven of us guests, scattered throughout a handful of houses, remain at the spacious facility, which opened in 1884. I step [...]

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The Bible advocates using intuitive abilities

Life is an ongoing exercise in seeking balance. Take something great and use it wrong and you'll most likely get disappointing results. The same is true of our god-given sixth sense, whether it be a psychic inkling, dream message or visit from a guardian angel. I've met  people who've been blessed with great intuitive abilities, [...]

Meditate to increase your intuitive abilities

Everyone possesses intuition. It’s just that in our busy, cynical world, we’ve lost touch with it. While most of us aren’t John Edward, we can exercise our brain to strengthen our ESP. By spending five to 10 minutes of structured silence on a regular basis, we all can reawaken this spiritual gift. When I quiet [...]

Religion needs to embrace those with spiritual gifts

Thank you to Jessica (not her real name) for co-writing this blog with me. Jessica has possessed intuitive abilities since she was a baby. Her mom would frequently watch her infant daughter suddenly shift her gaze and focus on something invisible. One day after elementary school, Jessica sat on the couch at home. Although alone, [...]

I refute the evangelical stance of “all paranormal is evil”

This is the second of two posts on my response to the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series’ “Religion and the Paranormal: A Panel Discussion,” which featured an evangelical pastor. See My Rebuttal to the Evangelical Stance on After Death Communications. As I noted two blogs ago, I respect this pastor’s beliefs. Yet, from my own [...]

What I’ve learned through exploring my own psychic abilities

We are all psychic: Many of us just need to shake off the dust and hone our skills. Awareness remains key to honing your sixth sense. So much of intuition gets ignored merely because we won’t pay attention to it. Heed the nagging suspicion in your mind and the strange thought that pops into your [...]

Can hypnotherapy increase your psychic abilities? Reader request.

After watching “Stir of Echoes” starring Kevin Bacon, one of my regular blog readers asked me to look into the connection between hypnosis and psychic abilities. In the movie, Bacon's character, Tom, becomes psychic after his sister-in-law hypnotizes him. Viewers learn at the end of the movie that Tom had been very intuitive as a [...]

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